Blue Ribbon for a Gundog

Some folks get excited about blue ribbons for field trial dogs. Here is what I consider to be a blue ribbon for a gundog and the gundog’s breeder. Below is an email I received a couple of days ago. I like emails like this:


Just returned from Canada with my 3 yr old I got from you He’s way above my other labs and a real joy in the field. My friends and even our owner/guide were impressed with his nose. All his retrieves were blinds and some of them cold ones. He’s full of desire follows hand signals, very athletic and minds in the field.

Next is his first trip to SD on pheasants mid Oct

Just had to tell you how happy we are with him.


Best personal regards,


Robert Milner

“When he stood up to speak, battalions of words issued forth from his mouth and scoured the countryside in search of an idea, and when they found one, they swiftly and thoroughly beat it to death.” —- -Anonymous

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