Three Brief Video Clips Showing Well Trained Gundogs in the Field


Here are three brief video clips of well trained gundogs at work.

Phil Parkinson’s FTCH Twixwood Shooting Star

This retrieve occurs in a beet field through which many pheasants have just been pushed slowly to  move them on the ground. The occasional flush occurs, with the bird being shot. Watch this dog sort out the live bird scent from that of the slightly hit bird that has just been shot but not killed. This is a field trial and the dog will be disqualified if he chases an unwounded bird.

Robin Watson with FTCH Brackenbird Minnow

This is a field trial. Note that the dog is doing nearly all of the work. Most of the falls and retrieves are deep into cover where the dog is out of sight, so hand signals are not feasible.

Reddihough Day Hallrule

Note the good manners and calm demeanor of these gundogs on a day of shooting in Scotland.



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